Aztec Whistles

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Aztec growling whistle, These beautiful clay whistles are handmade by the artisans in Theotihuacan area, home of the beautiful and impressive pyramids of the sun and the moon, Mexico.

The whistle is hand sculpted from black clay and then fired in an open pit. The whistle produces a loud snarling, growling sound much like the sound of an adult jaguar.

The sound depends on  the strength of your lungs. It can be played by anyone, the opening in the mouth changes the sounds as you press your hand over it imitating the roar of the Jaguar, Quetzalcoatl , or A eerie wail.

The whistle was used by the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas, often shaped like birds or animals.

These pieces are hand painted (there may be slight variations in the garigoleo compared to the photos

Xl 4× 3.5"

Large size, measures 3.5 "x 3.5"

Medium Measures approximately 2.5”high.

small 3" × 2.5

Mini 2" × 2.5"