Winter Ponchos

  • $37.95


Mexican Blanket Poncho Cobija Unisex Reversible 

The fully extended poncho measures 90" long and 40" wide for a comfortable fit.

The poncho is made in 65% acrylic/35% polyester blend. Comfortable and warm.

45" front & 45" back


Style 1:  Double Calendar (Aztec calendar Both Side)

(Colors: Navy/White, Dark Green/White, Red/Black, Red/White, Tan/ Black, Lt Blue/ White & Black/White

Style 2: Warrior/Calendar (On 1 side has Warrior & Aztec calendar on other(Example Lt blue )

(Colors: Lt Blue/White, Black/White & Maroon/White)


Style 3: Popocatepetl/ Warrior (On 1 Side Popocatepetl  & Eagle on other)

(Colors: Red/Black , Tan/White, Lt Blue/ White & Black/White)